Marcum MX-7 GPS LCD Sonar

Marcum MX-7 GPS LCD Sonar

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  • MarCum legendary real-time sonar performance

  • Navionics basemaps pre-installed, with access to full Navionics mapping capabilities

  • Fueled by the MarCum Brute 12V10AH Lithium LiFEPO4 battery

  • Widest in-class 20 degree cone angle sonar sees fish further to the sides, giving you an advantage for both finding AND catching

  • Ultra-narrow 8 degree Narrow Beam Transducer targets only the fish directly beneath you

  • Industry-leading .5 inch target separation

  • Interference rejection so advanced it’s patented

  • 300 foot ranging that’s selectable with precise ranging options up to 1 foot increments

  • 200kHz – the optimal freshwater frequency

  • Multi-faceted, user-selectable sonar views

  • Patented moveable zoom