Marcum M5L W/lithium Battery

Marcum M5L W/lithium Battery

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  • 2500 watts of peak to peak output power

  • Dual beam 8/20-degree ice transducer

  • MarCum exclusive TrueColor display

  • Patented MBC lighting

  • Patented moveable zoom

  • Patented 12-step interference rejection

  • SuperFine Line Technology

  • 3/4″ target separation through entire water column

  • Depth range 160 feet

  • Rechargeable 12-volt 10-amp Lithium LiFePO4

  • 3-amp hour rapid-charge battery charger

  • Deluxe red padded soft pack

  • Two year warranty

  • Made in the USA with quality components

    sourced around the world